Sunday, December 14, 2008

If you don't stand for anything ... you don't stand for anything.

In Sweden these guys are as big as the Green Party; close to capturing an EU seat.  Who knew that Pirates would be the next civil rights champions?  Sort of makes Jack Sparrow look like Albert Schweitzer. 

Pirate Parties are “A Classic Civil Rights Movement” | TorrentFreak
It was almost three years ago that the first Pirate Party was formed in Sweden. Its aim is to deal with over-reaching copyright law, and this is exactly what the Pirate Party stands for in most people’s minds. But there is more.

In recent times, the Pirate Party has been more concerned with government actions that affect ordinary citizens. The wiretapping law (FRA) for example, as well as the likes of IPRED, which will give companies chasing an alleged copyright infringer more powers than the police.

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