Monday, September 14, 2009

CBS to field a Last.FM powered HD radio station in major markets.

Crowd-sourced commercial on-air radio programming.  Its a long way from Jack and Bob robot programmed stations, let alone WKRP which was programmed by a crew of quirky humans.   The question is ... can Last.FM users game the programming?   

CBS to Launch HD Radio Stations in Top 4 U.S. Markets | Epicenter |
Listeners in those cities (who own HD Radios) will be able to tune in to the channel, to be comprised of “an eclectic mix of music aggregated and influenced by the service’s user-generated weekly charts, combined with live performances and interviews from the studios in New York, and event updates,” according to Friday morning’s announcement. The station will also be available as a webcast on and other CBS websites, of course, as well as through mobile apps for the iPhone and Blackberry.

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