Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama teams up with RIAA

Its now clear that our new high-tech administration is not in favor of easing access to music, so much as it is easing access to our private medical records.  The Wired article points out that this should come as no surprise.  To be fair, though, the President may have to pick his battles these days.  Why irritate your political backers in Hollywood when it looks like they are already starting to cut up their bedsheets up into easy-to-wave rectangles on their own?

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track | Threat Level from Wired.com
The Obama administration for the first time is weighing in on a Recording Industry Association of America file sharing lawsuit and is supporting hefty awards of as much as $150,000 per purloined music track.

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