Friday, January 2, 2009

What Obama might do about Ares.

The interplay between Mike Griffin and the Obama transition team has been entertaining.  He's even reportedly getting some unexpected help.  But here's a report that sounds very interesting, and might tip the hand of the Obama team's plans on development of the Shuttle replacement. 

TG Daily - Obama wants Pentagon and NASA to play nice for moon race
According to Bloomberg, "Obama has said the Pentagon's military space program -- which spent about $22 billion in fiscal year 2008, almost a third more than NASA's budget -- could be tapped to speed the civilian agency toward it's goals as the recession pressures federal spending."

NASA currently has a five-year gap between the retirement of the Space Shuttle and the return to space via the Orion six-person craft that can carry astronauts to the ISS and the moon atop the Ares I and Ares V rockets (currently under development). During the gap, NASA has contracted with two commercial space companies to service the ISS.

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