Thursday, July 5, 2007

Music industry blinks

So SaveNetRadio go the attention of the weasels at SoundExchange.   And of course, Universal stamped its little foot and refused to play with Apple.

Here's two articles that 'splain it all...the second from Fake Steve Jobs nails it...

NewsFactor Network | SoundExchange Offers Internet Radio a Deal
"SoundExchange continues to demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the Internet radio industry. SoundExchange is unable, or perhaps unwilling, to recognize that performance-based royalty rates and looming threats of billion-dollar minima inhibit investment and growth of royalty-paying music industry business models," the group said in a statement. "What has been proposed falls well short of even the lowest standard of a temporary fix."

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: The music industry nobs have finally figured out what we're doing
The guys running the labels are pretty stupid -- most are just dirtbags who started out as band managers or promoters -- but now at long last they are kinda sorta finally vaguely getting clued in to the fact that both parts of their business model are fucked.

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